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Vancouver Engagement Proposal Photography Service

Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada is a very nice place for a surprise engagement proposal with great photography locations around the harbour and deluxe restaurants. The two photos below are from a classic style engagement proposal where the gentleman planned the events well in advance and hired my photography service to capture the memories of the...
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Vancouver Corporate Sponsor Event Photography

Corporate sponsors love the area of Vancouver because it is beautiful and very populated with many potential customers. Stanley Park is once of the most scenic areas in all of the Vancouver, BC, Canada area for hosting large outdoor events with thousands of participants. Vancouver Corporate Sponsor Event Photography View Full Post

Vancouver BC Canada Event Photography Service

Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada is a beautiful location during the warm Summer season for large outdoor events. During June 2014 I provided live event photography services for the juice sponsor Oasis. This marathon style of outdoor features beautiful natural colors from the park trees and flowers. Vancouver BC... 				</div>
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Vancouver Conference Centre Photography

The Vancouver Conference Centre also known as the Vancouver Convention Centre is a great location for corporate event photography services during all seasons. The location is on the edge of the water in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada and provides an excellent opportunity for corporate companies to obtain high quality images of their products or services...
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Candid Vancouver Engagement Photography Service

Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada is a beautiful place for an engagement ceremony and celebration. The park has excellent natural colors and a large fountain along with a fancy restaurant. In tis example the gentleman hired me in advance and we planned the event at the park to have candid photos first and...
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Vancouver Event Photographer Service

During the Spring season of 2014 I was hired by a corporate production company to photograph a six marathon style run events around the Vancouver area. The first event was in Stanley Park, Vancouver. It was a family friendly running event with beautiful weather along the Pacific Coast of BC, Canada. The client who ordered the...
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