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Artist Portrait Photography Service In Vancouver

Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada is an excellent location for artist portrait photography. The flowers gardens and well managed lawns provide the one of the best options in Vancouver during the Summer season. The two examples photos below are artists portraits at Stanley Park during the warm Summer season when the park is in...
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Vancouver Corporate Event Product Photography Service

Vancouver, BC, Canada is an excellent location for large corporate events during all seasons. These events are perfect for corporate sponsors to showcase their products at the events. These two sample photos are from the outdoor race where the juice sponsor provided free samples of their product to the people at the race. View Full Post

Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Park Candid Engagement Proposal

The flower gardens, water fountain, scenic views and restaurant at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada make it one of the best engagement proposal locations during the warm Summer season. The colors are brilliant in the outdoor sunshine with a variety of location options for a special engagement proposal ceremony that can be captured...
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Professional Whistler Event Photography

Whistler resort is an amazing place that hosts many spectacular events each year. There is a wide selection to choose from during any season and your entire vacation group will be thrilled when attending each event. The free outdoor music concert is the most traditional style of event in Whistler resort. There are also many...
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Whistler Baby Photo Portrait Photography

These two ultra cute baby portrait photos are from a 4x4 off road rally North of Whistler resort. The mother is featuring a club tee shirt while the baby is wearing noise protection headphones. The soft light and forest in the background produce a great effect with a soft blur applied to bring the focus...
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Vancouver Child Run Event Sponsor Photography

Outdoor photography at live events on a nice sunny day with children always produces amazing high quality photos. During May 2015 I was hired by the Oasis Juice sponsor for the Vancouver Child Run event in British Columbia, Canada to photograph the products and participants. This was a fantastic event that raised money for the...
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Whistler Family Portrait Photography Service

Parents always enjoy the opportunity to obtain high quality photos of their children when the families get together in Whistler, BC, Canada for a reunion. It easy to book the photography service online for a specific date and location in Whistler resort for a one-hour family photo session with a professional. These two example portrait...
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Whistler Vacation Rental Photography Service

Whistler resort has many vacation rental properties all of which require high quality photos to make sales on the Internet. The Whistler accommodation rental photography service that I offer captures great images of the rentals which owners can use for years to convince visitors to the resort that their offer is the best. The photos...
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International Magazine Publication Photo Feature

The GEO Mini Extra magazine publication purchased a live event photo for the educational issue about native culture and history. The photo was during the 2010 Winter & Paralympic Games in Whistler, BC, Canada. Many international publications have purchased live event photos from Matt Murray Photography in the past for professional productions. A very large...
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Vancouver Engagement Proposal Photography Service

Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada is a very nice place for a surprise engagement proposal with great photography locations around the harbour and deluxe restaurants. The two photos below are from a classic style engagement proposal where the gentleman planned the events well in advance and hired my photography service to capture the memories of the...
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Vancouver Convention Centre Corporate Events

Large corporate events in British Columbia, Canada are often held at the Vancouver Convention Centre that is located in the downtown area by the Pacific Ocean. The scenic setting in the harbour is very nice and guests enjoy a variety of conference style events. The two photos below are examples from an annual Vancouver convention...
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Vancouver Corporate Sponsor Event Photography

Corporate sponsors love the area of Vancouver because it is beautiful and very populated with many potential customers. Stanley Park is once of the most scenic areas in all of the Vancouver, BC, Canada area for hosting large outdoor events with thousands of participants. Vancouver Corporate Sponsor Event Photography View Full Post

Whistler Family Portraits During Fall Season

Many people come to Whistler resort for a family reunion and enjoy having portraits photos taking during their holiday. The park next to Whistler village is a great location for this type of professional photography service. The fall season produces amazing colors for the background which is how these family portrait photos turned out so...
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Summer Season Whistler Lost Lake Wedding

Lost Lake is an very nice choice of wedding location for the Summer season when the lawn is green and the sky is blue. The first photo is from the lawn at Lost Lake when the bride is walking down the isle to the ceremony location. The groom and one of the groomsmen are standing...
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