Hidden Engagement Photography Services

Surprise engagement ceremonies that use a hidden photographer to capture the big moments are an excellent way to celebrate the very special day. Professional photographers can also assist in the planning of the engagement ceremony days in advance of the event. There are many excellent options available and a professional photographer that has many years of experience can recommend the perfect choice for your special engagement ceremony.

This engagement ceremony was in Whistler, BC, Canada when the couple went for a vacation during the Winter season. He walked her around the village and then down to the park by the river where the flowers were hidden by the photographer. He presented her with the flowers, then the ring while the photographer secretly captured the moments at a distance from across the river using a professional 400 MM telephoto lens. This couple celebrated the next day with her family at the deluxe Bacchus Restaurant in Vancouver, BC, Canada. At the start of the dinner her surprised her with the prints of the proposal that she did not know existed.

Professional Engagement Photography

Professional Engagement Portrait Photography

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