Engagement Proposal At Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is an excellent choice for a romantic engagement proposal during any season. The warm Summer months make this scenic area a fun and relaxing location choice for that special day. In this example the gentleman emailed me a couple of months in advance of the date that he had picked and we setup the logistics of the day to surprise his fiancé with the roses and photography service. After arriving to Grouse Mountain via scenic helicopter ride the surprise engagement proposal took place on the mountain with the roses being placed by the photographer in the bushes next to the special spot. Candid photos of the entire engagement proposal big moment were captured from a hidden location and the lady does not know that the photographer is there. After the couple is done they walk back to the lodge and the photographer meets up with them not letting the lady know that the photographer was there before. Below are two staged photos from the second part of the day.

Engagement Proposal At Grouse Mountain In BC Canada

Grouse Mountain Summer Engagement Proposal

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